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Bernie Sanders Vows Fight for Free Tuition at Hoover High School

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders spent Monday morning talking about education and college debt with an audience that will soon learn about that.

Sanders held a forum for students at Hoover High School.

He lectured the students on the importance of education and why they need to talk learning seriously. He then laid out his plan to make getting that education easier, including the government helping provide free college education.

One student in the crowd challenged that plan, asking whether allowing everyone into school for free would actually make it harder to get into school. Sanders said he doesn't see that happening.

“It's not like anyone will be able to walk in the door ... which does not make any sense to me,” Sanders said.

The latest poll shows Sanders neck-and-neck in the lead for Iowa. The latest NBC News poll shows Hillary Clinton has a 3-point lead over Sanders, at 48 percent and 45 percent respectively among likely Democratic caucus-goers.