Carson Campaigns to Bring Common Sense to Government

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JEFFERSON, Iowa -- Dr. Ben Carson spent the day Monday touring rural Iowa, calling for common sense to be brought back to government. The retired surgeon spoke before a crowd at Jefferson church Abundant Life Ministries.

"This country owns over $150 trillion in assets. If you gave a well-run company $150 trillion in assets, the return it would get on that would take care of our national debt easily," Carson said. "We don't run our government like a business. We run it like amateur hour. It is the most inefficient thing on the face of the earth."

Carson used a biblical reference when talking about the wisest man who ever lived, Solomon. He said Solomon was known for a wise decision in a dispute between to women claiming the same infant as theirs. The solution was to cut the baby in half. The real mother immediately said not to do  that, showing who the real mother was.

Carson said by providence, his middle name is Solomon, and he actually did cut  apart siamese twins in an operation.

The Republican was asked by a reporter about some caucus-goers feeling his campaign is on the way down.

“I would say to those folks, listen again to what I’m saying, don’t listen to the narrative. They’ve been trying to write my obituary every week from the time I started," Carson said. "The fact of the matter is, people listen to what I’m talking about. It’s common sense and the solutions are real solutions to our problems."

Carson made stops Monday in Fort Dodge, Jefferson and Denison.