Child Duct-Taped and Tased as Punishment

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LAKELAND, Florida -- A Lakeland couple is accused of a disturbing crime against a girl that involved duct tape and a stun gun.

Yalonda Ashley, 36, and Steven Sanchez, 31, are charged with child abuse.

Ashley is accused of duct taping a child's hands together and placing a piece of tape over the girl's mouth for several minutes. Detectives say the child was being disciplined for fighting back when her siblings were pushing her around.

"Her hands were duct taped together because she was using her hands to hit other kids, so they duct taped her hands together and thats when the witness saw that," Carrie Horstman with the Polk County Sheriff's Office said. "She had no complaints about the duct tape, but when we started to interview her and the other children about discipline in general, the victim and the other children disclosed the child had been Tased earlier in the week as part of discipline."

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