One of Iowa’s Remaining Holocaust Survivors Has Died

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Photo: The Des Moines Register

Photo: The Des Moines Register

DES MOINES, Iowa — One of the last Holocaust survivors in Iowa died over the weekend.

The Des Moines Register reports that 91-year-old Jennie Wolnerman died Saturday in her Des Moines home.

Her family says Wolnerman was known for baking a delicious sponge cake and making the best matzo ball soup of any grandmother, her grandson Daniel Wolnerman told the Register. Daniel Wolnerman is a rabbi from Toronto and gave his grandmother’s eulogy at her funeral Monday.

Her grandchildren often heard one anecdote that they say truly defined her.

“She was on a Nazi death march when she noticed a loaf of bread sticking out of a Nazi soldier’s bag,” Daniel Wolnerman told the Register.

A Nazi guard told her this: “If you have the ability to steal from a Nazi guard, you will make it through this.”

Her family said Wolnerman often shared food with starving prisoners.

“If you have two, give one,” she told them. “If you have one, give half.”

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