Rand Paul Still Upset Over Exclusion from Main Stage at Debate

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Rand Paul (WHO-HD)

Rand Paul (WHO-HD)

DES MOINES, Iowa — Republican Rand Paul is still speaking out about his disappointment with being left off the main stage in the last debate.

“The Republican Party needs to wake up and they need to understand that, how do you think these young people feel that about me being pushed out of the debate? I’m guessing it makes them mad…it made me mad so I think that ultimately the Republican Party needs to decide, we have one more debate it’s going to be here in Iowa before the Iowa caucus, and I think it would be a big mistake to exclude anybody that has a national campaign. And believe me…if they thought I was loud the last time…they are going to hear from me if there’s any problem with them trying to push us out again.”

Paul and volunteers made campaign calls at Paul’s Iowa headquarters in Des Moines Sunday. He’s trying to recruit as many college students as possible.

The Iowa Caucuses are now just two weeks away.

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