Bakken Pipeline Protesters Flood the Iowa Capitol

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Oil pipeline opponents gathered at the State Capitol on Thursday to protest the Bakken Pipeline.

The Iowa Utilities Board hasn't made a decision on whether to give the Bakken oil pipeline the go-ahead. The pipeline would cut through 18 Iowa counties and be more than 300 miles long.



The Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition is a group of nearly 30 state groups who are against the pipeline. In their rally Thursday, protestors called on state lawmakers and Gov. Terry Branstad to reject the pipeline due to environmental concerns.

"Not only does the Bakken pipeline threaten our land and our legacy, but it threatens our futures. It threatens my future, it threatens my friends' children's' futures. It threatens all of our futures," Anna Kruzic said at the rally. "This pipeline is forever."

Supporters of the Bakken pipeline were also at the Capitol, arguing the pipeline will create jobs and improve the state's economy. Ed Wiederstein, chairman of the Midwest Alliance for Infrastructure Now said the economy is not in danger.

"People are concerned they're not going to care what they do with the land," Wiederstein said. "Just think, if you had $3.8 billion, wouldn't you be a little careful about it when you were building whatever you were building? They're going to do a good job because they've got a lot of money riding on this."

The Iowa Utilities Board is expected to hold public meetings on the issue next month.

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