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Carson Campaign Resumes after Volunteer’s Death

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GLENWOOD, Iowa -- Dr. Ben Carson resumed his presidential campaign Thursday after it was suspended earlier this week due to the death of volunteer staff member Braden Joplin.

Joplin was killed Tuesday when a campaign van rolled on I-80 near Atlantic.

The staffers were en route to Glenwood to post flyers for the campaign visit there.

The campaign announced that from now on their town hall meetings would be referred to as “Trust in God Townhalls.” Joplin's last Facebook post was “Trust in God,” after a lawsuit was announced trying to remove the phrase from U.S. currency.

"This has been a tough week with the loss of Braden Joplin. He was such an amazing young man and he cared so much about what was going to happen to our nation. What was going to happen to the next generation," Carson said at Glenwood High School on Thursday.

Carson said he hopes that what he calls the "Braden Effect" of kindness and concern for others would spread in a culture that's often mean spirited.

After his speech, Carson told reporters he's expecting to do well in the Iowa Caucuses despite a slip in the polls.

The Joplin family told Carson that Braden had told them the last few weeks of working on the campaign were the happiest of his life.

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