Hillary Clinton Stops By Adel Bowling Alley to Criticize Big Corporation

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Hillary Clinton at the Adel Family Fun Center (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

Hillary Clinton at the Adel Family Fun Center (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

ADEL, Iowa — Hillary Clinton took issue with Johnson Controls over a decision to merge with Tyco International in Ireland.  The move looks to save the company $150 million in US taxes.

Clinton said Johnson Controls lobbied for a bailout of the auto industry in 2008.  Johnson Controls is a supplier to the auto industry.

“Now they want to move overseas for the sole purpose, of escaping their fair share of taxes to support what made them be a company which was successful in the first place,” said Clinton. “The rule of law , the contract system, the judicial system, the support we give to training people, all that you and I have contributed and previous generations, they are willing to walk away, in order to pay a lower tax instead of doing what they should, to support our country to grow and be prosperous in the future. and it is wrong.”

Clinton also praised Iowa community college efforts to promote 3-D printing, and wind energy.

The former first lady said she was surprised to learn of the problems of mental health in Iowa, when she began campaigning last spring.

The Adel Family Fun Center is a bowling alley owned by Bryce Smith .

“Nothing motivates you more to clean a business, than having a potential next president stop at your business,” said Smith.  “I think this is the busiest my business has ever been since I bought it.”

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