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Pork Congress Considers Location Change

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The 44th annual Iowa Pork Congress had its last day in Des Moines. Earlier this week, they hosted a meeting, which looked at voting on a resolution that checked out other venues for the Congress to move to.
The reasoning was because of a pending water quality lawsuit from the Des Moines Water Works. Leaving Des Moines would be a show of disapproval; however, because of a confusion of whether the city or water works board is in control of the lawsuit, there was an amendment that asked the pork board to investigate changing the venue.
A committee would be set up to look at moving, but there's a catch, some worry that there's no other place in Iowa that has the facilities and size of the convention center in Hy-Vee Hall where the congress has been set up for years.
Howard Hill, Past President of the National Pork Producers Council says, "Well I don't know that people want to move, I think the impetus behind it was the fact that people were upset, farmers were upset, pork producers, cattlemen, corn producers, soybean producers all are upset by the fact that the Des Moines Water Works is suing farmers over over this water quality issue. We don't think that's the way to make progress."
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