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Rand Paul in Knoxville for ‘Racing to the Finish Line’ Event

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KNOXVILLE, Iowa -- Sen. Rand Paul held his rally Friday morning at the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame and Museum which aligned perfectly with the theme of his event, “Racing to the Finish Line.”

The Kentucky Senator talked about his Christian conservative values and is hoping to gain additional support with both young and independent voters.

“One issue that is important and big for them is the right to be left alone the right to privacy. The fact that I've been the leading spokesman for saying that government shouldn't be involved in collecting our records has given us a foothold on campuses.”

Paul said unlike some of the other candidates he also thinks the people should be in charge of the economy with a small government taking a back seat.

“I think people are frustrated with Washington and so am I and in their frustration they're looking for an easy way out and right now Donald Trump is the easy way out, give him the power and he will fix things. But there is also a long-standing tradition in our country going all the way back to our Founding Fathers that worries about one person getting too much power, so I worry about a Donald Trump accumulating so much power that it would be used to take away our freedoms.”

It’s a message that resonates with Rand supporter Jean Newman.

“All that's necessary is for his message to get out to the people and the people are going to latch onto it because people want liberty more than anything else, they don't want to be bound by the chains of government, liberty is the antithesis of that”

Newman feels so strongly he drove his wrapped corvette to show his support and is following Paul around the country.

"I drove it up here and I'm going to take it to every Rand Paul event for the next two, three days.”

Paul is continuing his push across the state, he still has 12 scheduled events leading up to his victory party Monday night.


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