Korean Cultural Center of Iowa Celebrates Upcoming Start of Korean New Year

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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa -- The Korean Cultural Center of Iowa is celebrating the beginning of the Korean New Year, or otherwise known as the Lunar Year.

The New Year doesn't officially start until Monday, but traditionally the New Year is celebrated in the days leading up to and following the holiday.

The celebration was held at Valley Church in West Des Moines. People had the chance to learn about Korean culture, try traditional food and even watch a Tae Kwon Do demonstration.

Organizers say it's a good way for those who don't know much about the Korean culture to learn more.

“This does seem to attract a lot of people who are Korean-American adoptees. So, sometimes they are from small towns in Iowa and this is a great opportunity to drive into Des Moines and get to experience the culture, even if it is just once a year,” Organizer Christina Chung said.