I-35 Closed Southbound from Clear Lake to Ames Due to Blizzard

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A multi-vehicle accident on Highway 20 Monday. (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

A five semi- two car accident on Highway 20 Monday. (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

WILLIAMS, Iowa- Interstate 35 south bound has been closed from Clear Lake to Ames, as of mid-afternoon Monday, according to Sgt. Nathan Ludwig of the Iowa State Patrol.
At least 5 accidents were closing roads in the I-35 Highway 20 area.
One State Trooper said today that he had not seen roads this bad in his 18 years.

“We had four separate accidents around Highway 20 and Highway 35,” said Sgt. Nathan Ludwig of the Iowa State Patrol. “Traffic is at a standstill up there.”

At least one serious accident involved a car going under a semi trailer. Emergency vehicles were having to drive on the shoulder to get to the rescue scene.

“Couldn’t see down the road,” said trucker Paul Burow, who is trucking along with his wife Barbara, out of the state of Oklahoma.

“We couldn’t see past the hood of the truck, we tried stopping at the Boondocks, couldn’t get off because the truck stop was full.”

“That’s typically a bad part of the state because its flat up there,”said Ludwig.

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