More Pushes For Water Quality and Education Funding

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At the Agribusiness Association of Iowa Showcase and Conference, Lieutenant-Governor Kim Reynolds was speaking on some of the ag issues in Iowa.
She spoke mostly on the Governor's proposal funding education and water quality until 2049 called SAVE.
In 2009 a 1 percent sales tax was approved for 20 years for school infrastructure. Reynolds and the governor want to extend it another 20 years. Guaranteeing the first $10 million of annual growth to schools and using the extra growth for water quality funding.
They estimate it would make $20.7 billion for schools and $4.7 billion for water quality. But the proposal is struggling against the legislative branch.
Reynolds says they're willing to compromise to get it through, "Reach out to your legislators and encourage them to work with us. It's a framework, we're willing to look at different ideas, different options, or certainly if they have a better idea that can generate that kind of money we're more than happy to work with them. But there is a sense of urgency and we just kind of say don't let perfect be the enemy of good."
Reynolds says they think with designated funds, scientific based programs, dealing with absentee landowners, and communities across the state, the new initiative would end criticism of Iowa's water quality goals.