Quick Courtship Leads to Life-Long Marriage

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URBANDALE, Iowa -- Valentine's Day is just days away, and that might have people scrambling for last minute presents. One couple has advice on what matters most to live happily ever after.

You can tell Jerry and Jean Killion are fond of each other.

"Jean and I can laugh at each other and can laugh with each other," Jerry said.

Their love story goes back more than six decades.

"We kept going on double dates. He was always with somebody different and so was I," Jean said. "He called me and we had a date on a Saturday night, and on a Sunday morning the phone rang. He came down and he proposed to me."

“Well, that was one of my weaker moments," Jerry joked.

They married on December 28, 1950. Jerry said it is the "best thing I ever did in my life."

wedding picture"We were both 21, which we thought we were very grown up and knew everything. It took a while before we realized, we didn't know as much as we thought," Jean said.

They raised four boys and ran a pharmacy. Now, they live at Deerfield retirement community in Urbandale. The couple of 65 years has advice on living happily ever after.

"With raising a family, you don't sweat the small stuff, which you forget sometimes. And then after a while, it's not that important," Jean said.

"You thank our Lord for the blessings that you have. There's got to be some potholes, you know, and you just have to work your way through them. There's no utopia," Jerry said.

The Killions said they will celebrate Valentine’s Day by going out for a meal. Jerry joked that he still needs to get Jean a card.

Killions laughing