Advocates Against Sexual Violence Rally At Capitol

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DES MOINES, Iowa–Advocates Against Sexual Violence rallied at the State Capitol today hoping to connect one-one-one with lawmakers.

The organization is supporting three bills this session.

-increased penalties for sexual misconduct in corrective systems

-including the term ‘breasts’ in the definition of sexual assault

-civil protective orders for sexual violence survivors

“I know that it makes a difference. I know that it helps legislatures to hear what`s happening on the ground in their community, some are very well aware and some the issues hasn’t been brought to their attention,” says Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault Executive Director Beth Barnhill.

About 80 advocates reached out to lawmakers to share their stories including Tiffany Flowers.

“It is so important that we come to these events to give the survivors a voice in situations where their voices weren’t necessarily heard, or offered or listened to.”

Flowers was sexually assaulted while she was in college by a family member and now works for Amani Community Services helping other survivors.

She hopes sharing her story will help start the conversation for change.

“This is such a great environment to foster that voice and to link them up with individuals that can make those changes in our communities so they can be heard and have that sense of justice in their homes and feel safe.”

All three bills have been introduced this session.