Suspect Identified, Arrested for Allegedly Videoing Student in Dorm Shower

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Hightower mug

IOWA CITY, Iowa — University of Iowa police say they have arrested a man who was recording video of a woman showering at a residence hall.

Officers received a report of a man videoing a female student while in the shower at Burge Hall on Monday. The responding officer located the suspect hiding in a stall. The two fought and the suspect got away.

Authorities released photos of the man to the public Tuesday and have since identified him as 23-year-old Robert Hightower. Police say he is not a student at the university.

Hightower was arrested Tuesday night and is facing multiple charges, including peeping, two counts of trespass, third-degree harassment, assault and interference with official acts, invasion of privacy and assault on a peace officer. Hightower could be sentenced to more than seven years in prison if convicted on all counts.


Courtesy: University of Iowa police

Courtesy: University of Iowa police