Wrestling Parents Sell Memories at State Tournament

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- State wrestling is underway Wednesday and team titles are being contested at Wells Fargo Arena.

While it’s a big deal for the wrestlers, it’s also important to the parents of the young athletes.

“We get down here every year and it gets to be unbearable sometimes. Anxiety watching them wrestle, but we just won our first dual and we’re ready to go for the next one,” said parent Jeremy Abbas.

For some of the Adel-DeSoto-Minburn wrestling families, the tournament becomes a unique fundraiser. Every year, ADM staffs three tables to sell programs to help the school’s wrestling program, buy equipment and simply promote wrestling.

The State Wrestling Program sells for $5, and $1 of the sale goes to the ADM wrestling department.

"Most of the programs are sold to grandparents, wanting souvenirs for grandkids and families," said Butch Ostrander, a volunteer for ADM. "Most of the younger generation have printed off brackets."

The programs are bought by many grandparents, who may not be as adept with the internet to get the information.  Some parents also purchase as a keepsake for their athlete.

"I just want him to have something to remember it by when he gets older," said parent Melissa Haner. "Right now it probably means more to me than it does to him, but hopefully someday he’ll appreciate that."

For most parents the day of wrestling can be nerve-wracking. They say it is good to have a printed program to look back, to remember the time at state wrestling.