Iowa Looks At Local Beef Checkoff

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Iowa may have a local version of a Beef Checkoff this year.
In the early 70s Iowa initiated a checkoff through an Iowa Code, before the national checkoff was in place. In the late 80s that was halted.
Now, the Iowa Cattlemen's Association (ICA) has put forward a producer referendum that would reinstate a state checkoff.
A main reason behind it, national checkoff dollars are limited into what they can support.
Matt Deppe, CEO of ICA says, "Iowa beef checkoff proceeds and investments can be utilized more flexibly. So, whereas, the national checkoff cannot be used for production research, producer education, those types of things on the production side. State dollars could be used that way and we can enhance some of those efforts from a promotion and marketing standpoint as well."
The national checkoff is a dollar a head, 50 cents goes to the beef board and the other 50 stays in the state often times being used to promote beef where population centers are around the country.
The Iowa checkoff would be another 50 cents a head and starts here for investment decisions.
Deppe says they're maintaining a refund provision in the checkoff, so if a producer doesn't want to pay in, they can get it back, "If someone would be one that maybe didn't support it with a vote, perspectively, but the referendum passed and we moved forward on it, that refund provision is there. And we would hope producers, if they did get refunds, they would still connect to that return on investment, because that's what this is all about."
Deppe hopes the referendum will happen in late summer of this year.
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