Popular Des Moines Business Expanding to West Des Moines

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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa -- West End Architectural Salvage is expanding west.

The popular salvage shop, located in downtown Des Moines, is expanding with its second location set to open in the West Glen shopping center in West Des Moines. The store will replace the former location of Shaffer's bridal store, now located down the street in the same shopping center. Before that, the space was occupied by Sticks.

"We're really not trying to recreate what West End Salvage is downtown," said Don Short, the owner of the shop. "Our current location, we've got about 50,000 square feet. And we're going into a West Glen retail spot of about 5,000. So obviously we don't have a space to do events, we don't have a space to do a coffee shop."

Short says the new space will serve as more of a "boutique" version of his full store downtown, and will be able to feature items he's currently got tucked away in storage. Short says after testing small pop-up shops in other areas, like Kansas City, it made sense to see what the customer base would look like in West Des Moines.

"I get out to West Glen maybe four times a year," he said. "So reversing that, I wonder how many people out there barely get down here. So we're interested to see how customers react to having a location so much closer to them out there."

Short says he's optimistic about the "experiment." It's a one-year lease, so if the customers don't come like he's hoping, there's not a huge risk. He expects the move to happen around April 1.

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