Ag-Science Teacher Plans to Feed Thousands, Awarded Golden Apple

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LEON, Iowa — One step inside Rosa Sondag’s classroom and it’s agricultural science, all the time.

For 16 years, she has helped students find the importance of agriculture at Central Decatur High School in Leon.

“It doesn`t matter what you look at, everything is involved in agriculture in some way and I challenge them to stump me,” she laughs.

Senior, Tanner Loghry, enjoys the challenge so much he open enrolled in the district a year ago. He’s a member of the Future Farmer’s of America, a club run by Sondag. Loghry plans to continue studying livestock in college, a workload his teacher has well prepared him for.

“She can pile it all on your plate but she will help you get through it,” smiles Loghry.

Not only is the teaching veteran making an impact in the classroom but also in the community.

High School Principal, Rudy Evertsen, applauds Sondag on her efforts to incorporate service learning into students’ lives. This year she is heading up an effort for students to package 40,000 Meals for the Heartland.

“It’s really important for me to help the students understand how important not only providing food is but raising food is. That`s what agriculture is in a nutshell, providing food for the world,” she says.



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