Truck Driver Says Windy Conditions are ‘Miserable’

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Photo: Lisa Vande Lune‎

Photo: Lisa Vande Lune‎

AMES, Iowa — Multiple rollover crashes have been reported in areas north of the metro Friday due to high winds.

At least three semis have tipped over on Interstate-35 between Ames and Highway 20, Channel 13 photographer Marissa Hopper reports.

Wind gusts reaching nearly 60 mph were reported in areas north of the metro such as Marshalltown and Ames. Channel 13 viewer Dee Jones Engstrom‎ sent in a photo of a truck that was blown off the Highway 17 north of Renwick.

Photo: Dee Jones Engstrom‎

Truck blown off Highway 17, north of Renwick. (Dee Jones Engstrom‎)

According to the Iowa Environmental Mesonet, wind gusts across the entire state have reached 50-60 mph. Winds will slowly begin to die down by the evening.

Truck driver Wes Sexton said the driving conditions were “miserable.”

“The wind gusts are so strong that, I’m running empty, that I can hardly keep my truck on the road. So I just decided to get off and go to sleep for a while,” Sexton said.

A wind advisory is still in effect for most of Iowa, so use caution while driving, as the winds will cause hazardous driving conditions particularly for high-profile vehicles.

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