Victim’s Father Testifies about Daughter’s Prescription Addiction in Fazzino Case

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DECORAH, Iowa -- The jury in the murder trial of Alexander Fazzino heard testimony from the victim's father.

Fazzino is accused of killing his wife, Emily, in their Boone home back in 2012. He told police Emily drowned in the bathtub and she was addicted to prescription pills.

Prosecutors say he choked and drowned his wife because she wanted a divorce.

Health issues kept Richard Beckwith, Emily Fazzino's father, off the stand but a lawyer read his testimony.

Beckwith acknowledged he knew some about Emily’s addiction to prescription medication, but said Emily was embarrassed to share those things with him.

He also described a three-day stretch when she detoxed at his home.

“I walked into the bedroom and it was terrible … Emily was just absolutely frightened. Cindy was holding her and Cindy was trying to tell me to get out. Emily was very, very embarrassed by me seeing her that way,” Beckwith’s testimony read.

Beckwith’s testimony also revealed that he thought Emily was happier than she'd been in a very long time. He said that's when he claims he started seeing Alex Fazzino become mean.

Fazzino Case History

Emily Fazzino, 32, died Jan. 29, 2012. Her husband, Alexander Fazzino called 911 claiming someone was trying to drown themselves in the tub. When emergency responders arrived they were unable to revive Emily Fazzino.

Alexander Fazzino was arrested in Kansas City in April 2013.

During the investigation, Fazzino told detectives his wife was addicted to pain medication and admitted Emily had filed divorce papers about a week before her death.

An autopsy by the Iowa State Medical Examiner showed Emily died of undetermined causes, but noted she had several areas of trauma on her neck, throat, and the sides and front of her head.

After reviewing the autopsy findings, a forensic pathology expert concluded Emily Fazzino died of asphyxia due to neck compressions and/or drowning and said her death was a homicide.

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