“Spin ‘N Shoot” Basketball Tournament Features 26 Teams Competing

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- There is a lot of basketball going on in Iowa as we get ready for the girls and boys state tournaments, but one event is bringing something new to the court.

The second annual “Spin ‘N Shoot” wheelchair basketball tournament on Saturday gave people the chance to experience what it's like to be in a wheelchair, and allowed everyone to become involved in the sport no matter their condition.

The tournament featured 26 different teams and was inspired by a woman whose son was only 8 years old when he had multiple strokes that left him unable to walk or talk.

"One (reason) is to get our participants who are in wheelchairs on a day-to-day basis a chance to play other teams. But also, the other point was to get those who aren't in wheelchairs on a day-to-day basis in those chairs and experience it and play from a whole another perspective. To appreciate what it's like to be in a wheelchair,” said Molley Wuebker, Program Director of the “Spin ‘N Shoot” wheelchair basketball tournament.

All of the proceeds will go toward Courage League Sports to support the participants with special needs.