Iowa Lawmakers Meet to Discuss Criminal Justice Reform

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Local lawmakers say are there is unfair treatment in the criminal justice system and it needs to be fixed.

Lawmakers met on Saturday to talk about the issue of criminal justice reform.

In Iowa, blacks make up about 25 percent of the state's prison population. However, they make up only three percent of Iowa’s overall population.

Representative Helen Miller said Saturday’s meeting was to raise awareness of the core issues in criminal justice reform and to keep the conversation going.

“They kind of know it`s a problem but they have no idea about it,” Miller said. “So this an effort to get everyone up to speed and I think this group is prepared to go back to the legislature and address these concerns in an intelligent and informed way.”

Even though Miller's four criminal justice bills failed to make it out of last month's funnel week this session, she hopes to bring the issues back up again next year.

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