Clinton Campaign Responds to Failing to Reimburse Des Moines Police

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- From politics to March Madness to St. Patrick's Day, the Des Moines Police Department is getting creative in order to handle it all.

Officials at the police department say they can plan for the overtime expenditures of the Iowa Caucuses beforehand and have a pretty good idea of what it's going to cost, but what hurts them most is what happens after the political events are over.

“That is money that is reimbursed by the campaign. So we bill the campaign for those city services when they have to have a street closure, and that’s just part of city ordinance and that’s the way it is. What hurts us is when those campaigns don’t reimburse us for the police services,” said Des Moines Sgt. Paul Parizek.

At last check, Hillary Clinton’s campaign had not yet reimbursed the department for services provided for Katy Perry’s concert last October. The campaign paid for everything else, such as the use of barricades, but it has not paid for police service. Parizek said the invoice is nearly $1,800.

As for the NCAA Tournament, Parizek said the department has become pretty creative with how it manages its resources.

“We’re adjusting some schedules, to put some people in the right places at the right times without reducing the service delivery to the other areas of the city, but a lot of the expense is being picked up by some of the private organizations around here that are hiring off-duty officers,” Parizek said.

Wells Fargo is the best example of that, as the company is hiring many off-duty officers. Many of the area hotels have also hired off-duty police officers as have some Court Avenue businesses.

The Clinton campaign sent Channel 13 this statement:

"We have been in constant communication with the Des Moines Police Department, as recently as this month, to get an invoice and as soon as we receive it we will pay the bill immediately. We appreciate the work they do, including keeping Iowans safe at this event."