Free Basketball Clinic Gives More Than Lessons on the Court

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DES MOINES, Iowa — March Madness is coming to town soon, but a basketball tournament of another sort is already here and with it comes charity.

Ten basketball teams from the National Christian College Athletic Association have started its tournament this week and have partnered with the Shooting Stars Basketball Clinic, offering their coaches and players up to teach the youngsters a thing or two.

“You know hopefully these will be memories that they have for a long time as little kids when they saw this guy dunk or they saw this guy shoot a three or play with them on the court. Those hopefully will be memories that stick with them for a while, and as they grow up they can turn around and give that back,” said Josh Daggett, the clinic’s director.

That statement rings true for Kristine Brown, whose daughter went to the clinic Wednesday for the first time.

“I think it’s huge because, first of all, you’re getting coaches that these girls look up to that hold these clinics, that coach girls, that my girl looks up to. Eventually they will be on their team, so it’s huge. My daughter has been excited,” Brown said.

In addition to the free clinic, the tournament partnered with Kingdom Care to donate socks, shoes and a free meal to underprivileged children in the greater Des Moines area.