Man Determined to Finding Owner of 70s-Era Letter Jacket

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MITCHELLVILLE, Iowa -- Curiosity for a Mitchellville man has led to even more questions.

Norm Davis noticed some activity in the house next door to his place, so he decided to meet the new neighbor. Instead, he found a remodeling crew, which was throwing things away. One thing left behind was a 70s-era high school letter jacket.  It was going to be thrown away.

"I said, 'Do you mind if I have it? We might be able to track down the owner.' That's gotta mean something to somebody," Davis said.

So he took to Facebook and even reached out to Channel 13's Keith Murphy who posted this on his Facebook.

Through social media, Davis learned the jacket lettering "NH" was for New Hartford, a school just west of the Waterloo-Cedar Falls area. The jacket also has a patch for a Simpson College Girl's Basketball Camp and a patch for the President's Physical Fitness Award.

He has contacted the Dike-New Hartford School. The school's high school principal is trying to find the coach of the 1970s girls basketball team to help find the owner. The school librarian also agreed to display the coat in the school if no owner is located.