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Changes Coming to Troublesome West Des Moines Intersection

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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa -- The traffic back-ups along Jordan Creek Parkway are getting longer and the city of West Des Moines is making some changes to keep the commute moving.

City officials hoped Waukee’s new Grand Prairie Parkway interchange would ease some of the traffic along Jordan Creek Parkway and University but the traffic is still a problem. Mayor Steve Gaer calls the intersection one of the most frustrating in town.

“I avoid it. I know how challenging it is so I try to schedule around it,” he laughs.

City engineers say traffic at the intersection is only down by about 10 percent. In order to improve traffic flow, the city will reconfigure the lanes so more cars can use the left turn lanes. It also plans to install traffic light sensors to better gauge the timing of lights for better traffic movement.

The project will cost about $75,000.

“It’s expensive but one of the things we have to sell in our community is convenience so we just need to make the investment in our infrastructure so people appreciate the convenience,” says Gaer. “That’s part of the advantage of living here in the metro, you can get anywhere in 20 minutes.”

Work on the project will begin in a few weeks and be completed by this summer.

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