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Greenfield Woman Remembers Her Dad’s Legacy of Time

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GREENFIELD, Iowa -- A Greenfield man dedicated his golden years to hand-carving clocks, and now his daughter is sharing his passion with her community.

If you stop by Greenfield City Hall, you'll see they appreciate time. City Clerk Becky Haase likes to keep some reminders of her late father in her office.

"Kind of my joke, this is the Don Patterson memorial clock museum," she laughed.

In her office, Haase has five beautifully crafted clocks her dad carved and sawed with intricate detail.

Don Patterson started honing his craft in 1993 after he injured his rotator cuff.

"He had a love of clocks and woodworking, and he was able to combine the two," Haase said.

Haase said from her records, her dad constructed about 53 clocks before his death 10 years ago. She currently has about 30. The rest have been sold or given away by her father.

Some of the clocks were inspired by the Bily Clock Museum in Spillville. Patterson even carved a giant clock after the Basilica in Dyersville.

Haase said one of the clocks has a total of 8,702 cuts.

"He had the patience of a saint," she said.

Some of his clocks have been sold, a few have been given away. Haase doesn't have any place to store or display the clocks where the public can see them, which is why she has set up a few in Greenfield City Hall for anyone to come see.

“They remind me of him,” Haase said. “He was steadfast, constant and reliable.”

She said that while her dad spent so much time crafting the clocks, he spent the rest of his time looking out for other people.

"He was a mason. He truly believed that’s why we were put on this earth was to help other people and to take care of each other. By sharing the beauty of his clocks with everyone means a lot to me, and it would have meant a lot to him," Hasse said.

If you would like to see the clock masterpieces, Haase said she gives tours when she's not on duty as City Clerk. She said people can stop by on her lunch break around noon or after 4:30 p.m. on weekdays.