Siblings Remember Dad with Musical Gift

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PLEASANT HILL, Iowa - It's almost been a month since Nickalena Bedwell tied the knot with her husband from her father's hospital room. That's almost a month Bedwell and her siblings have gone without their dad.

"I've had some breakdowns crying, going through some of the boxes," Bedwell said.

Bedwell's father, Tom, was taken off life support in March after a series of health complications struck out of the blue. But not before he was able to be a part of his daughter's wedding day. Now, Bedwell and her siblings are going through his belongings at his home - and that's where a pleasant surprise awaited them.

"Basically, like I came home from school and checked the messages. And it was AudioLabs, so I called them right back. And they said they had this, I guess, computer that my dad ordered. And said that they wanted it to come to us, because they put all his music on it," Bedwell's sister, Alex Monk, said.

Decades of collecting CDs and records, totaling over 300 albums, were digitized onto a computer and connected to their dad's home sound system. Bedwell says it was something her father must have been working on before he passed away.

"It's special because we knew music was something he really enjoyed," she said. "He's got albums upon albums downstairs for his record player, and CDs. And growing up, he taught us what good music is: the old Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac. That was the music we should grow up listening to."

Now, these siblings have something that brings "Dad" back, if even for a few minutes.

"I like, picture him on that couch, doing exactly what I know he was doing, and listening to the certain music, and the certain songs that would be playing," Monk said.

"It doesn't have to be a specific song. It's just, all of it, listening to it reminds us of dad sitting here - in this exact spot right's just him," Bedwell said.

Each little item in their dad's house holds inside it a memory for these kids to cherish. From locks of hair to decades-old jeans, there's enough stuff to keep them busy. But the tunes playing out of this system, perhaps, are the most valuable keepsakes of all.

"It might be something silly to somebody else, but it's definitely something special," Bedwell said. "And I think a lot of this - especially the music - links dad to us."

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