Ames Food Truck the Product of Authentic Mexican Food, Local Partnership

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AMES, Iowa -- A ribbon cutting at a Mexican food truck Thursday celebrated more than just upgrading to a bigger truck.

The Rico family came to Ames from a town south of Mexico City. They brought recipes from their home down south and recreated them in a small food truck on south Duff Avenue in Ames.

“It’s all authentic, like what we eat every day at home,” said Jose Rico. "The food is made plenty spicy."

The business, which started in 2015, has been generating a buzz around Ames through Facebook and word of mouth.

The Ricos have partnered with a local food producer the Black Heritage Farms near Ames to get fresh, in-season vegetables.

“Their bus and all their units are out at our farm and we raise the vegetables for them,” said Noreen Black. “And this has been an ongoing project for two years now, and we’re very excited to go to the next level. We’ve expanded!”

It is not unusual to see a line of people waiting at Rico’s for lunch or even at the dinner hour.

“It’s a trailer, but it’s got wonderful food and there’s usually lots of people waiting,” said customer Kim Reed.

When Jose Rico is not working as a paralegal, he works the truck with his mother, Teresa, and his father, Jesus.

“It was my Mom’s dream to have something that she can do, that she loves doing, which is cooking. That’s why we started the food truck to fulfill her dream and get a more stable income for my family,” he said.

The Ricos now have two serving units, but they stick mainly to one truck parked at two spots in Ames.

The trailer is parked on south Duff in Ames near Casey’s on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On Sunday, it is located at Torrent Brewing Company in Ames.

For information on Rico's Tacos, you can check their Facebook page.