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Police Start ‘Dude, Where’s My Bike’ Campaign to Return Bike to Owners

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ANKENY, Iowa — A local police department want to return stolen or misplaced bicycles to their owners.

That’s the purpose of the Ankeny Police Department’s new “Dude, Where’s My Bike” campaign. Police say they have dozens of bikes that need to be reclaimed.

People can pick them up through April 30. Any that aren’t picked up will be donated.

“If they can give me a description of their bike, preferably make, model, serial number, color, any unique identifiers on the bike, I’ll go down check them out and see if we have one that matches that description. We’ll get that bike returned to them,” said David Billings, crime scene investigator and evidence technician for the department.

There are several things you can do to keep your bike in your possession. Police recommend using a bike chain to lock it to a sturdy object. Write down the serial number and take a picture of it.