Caring Bridge Founder Says Community Important in Healing

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Caring Bridge Founder Sona Mehring speaks to the Iowa Hospital Assn. in Des Moines Friday (RogerRiley WHO-HD)

Caring Bridge Founder Sona Mehring speaks to the Iowa Hospital Assn. in Des Moines Friday (RogerRiley WHO-HD)

DES MOINES, Iowa- The Founder of Caring Bridge website said the medical/ caring site was launched to help her friends who were having a baby.

Sona Mehring took to the phones to help tell friends about the couple’s medical situation with the baby. After making two long phone calls, she thought there has to be a better way to do this.

“and the same night their baby Bridget was born..the first Caring Bridge Website was born it was June 7th 1997,” said Mehring. “Caring Bridge was named after Bridget,I consider Caring Bridge as Bridget’s legacy.”

Mehring launched what was then called a website to get the word out. She was astonished at how people received it. Caring Bridge is named after the couple’s baby, named Bridget, she live only 9 days.

Since 1997 when Caring Bridge was founded,the site has had 2 billion visits. A new site is started every 7 minutes. The site has 40 employees and is based in the Twin Cities area. The site allows families going through medical situations to share information with friends about challenges, and joys.

Caring Bridge Makes sharing information much less of a struggle.

“Caring Bridge allows that to be extremely easy,they don’t have to do emotional time-consuming phone calls or event the time-consuming emails.” said Mehring.
“Caring Bridge is the single place that they can control how they are communicating to the community, it can be very therapeutic to be able to communicate out and know that everybody is getting the information.”

Mehring says the site is funded by small donations of people who appreciate the power of community in healing. She says user information is not sold for profit, she wants to protect the communities which rally around those struggling with a medical situation.

She was in Des Moines to speak at a conference of the Iowa Hospital Association.
Visit the Caring Bridge website for more information.