Former Grassley Staffer Calls for Fair Hearing for Supreme Court Nominee

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Sen. Chuck Grassley will meet with President Barack Obama's Supreme Court nominee Tuesday. Some people hope it could change his mind about holding hearings.

Grassley will have a breakfast meeting with Judge Merrick Garland.

Iowa’s senior senator says he'll explain to Judge Garland why he won't call for confirmation hearings. Grassley feels that since this is an election year, the next president should fill the vacancy.

A man who first helped get Grassley elected is urging him to reconsider.

“My position is to try to get Chuck Grassley to start representing Iowans again, with Iowa values, the way Iowans believe life should be lived through government officials and get away from this lowest common denominator with the Republicans blaming the Democrats and the Democrats blaming the Republican,” said Keith Uhl, a former staffer for Grassley.

Uhl is with the group Constitutional Responsibility Project. He said Grassley should consider Garland on the merits of his record and give him a fair hearing.