Adventureland Coaster Craze Building on Social Media

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ALTOONA, Iowa — Excitement for Adventureland’s first roller coaster since 1993 is climbing just as much as the coaster’s  advertised 133-foot vertical lift hill.

The theme park is sharing progress of “The Monster” on Facebook. A recent photo Adventureland shared shows the view of the coaster from on top of the Storm Chaser.

“The Monster from waaaaaay up above! Photo credit to Tim, our resident daredevil and brave soul for taking this for us from the top of the Storm Chaser.”

Excited fans have shared the photo more than 150 times.

Adventureland shared a photo in March of progress, which was “liked” nearly 700 times on Facebook.

The amusement park announced its new ride  last July. “The Monster” will be a 2,500 foot-long roller coaster with a 101-degree first drop and 10 “airtime” moments. The roller coaster is expected to open in early June.