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Judge Reprimands Woman for Breastfeeding in Court

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HENDERSON COUNTY, North Carolina -- A North Carolina mother is hoping to raise public awareness about breast-feeding after she said she was reprimanded by a judge inside a Henderson County courtroom for breastfeeding her infant son.

Stephanie Rhodus says that Judge Peter Knight told her what she was doing was "ridiculous" when she was was breast-feeding as she came up to speak during a hearing.

"Ma'am, you need to cover up. For you not to realize that is absolutely ridiculous. Step outside and cover up right now. Stand up and go now," Knight said. "I'm fine with you having a child if you don't have other arrangements made that's certainly going to happen. But to nurse the child in the courtroom is absolutely inappropriate. Step outside and button up."

North Carolina law allows women to breastfeed in public, regardless of whether a nipple is exposed.

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