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Player: Moody Made Basketball Miserable, Not Fennelly

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Former Cyclone players are speaking out after Nikki Moody, the former Iowa State women’s basketball player, filed a lawsuit against head coach Bill Fennelly, the university, and the state for racial discrimination.

Moody graduated in 2015 and the lawsuit caught many of her teammates by surprise.

Nicole "Kidd" Blaskowsky said it's devastating to hear claims her coach is racist.

"He treated me like any other of my teammates. He was a father figure to me," Blaskowsky said. "I don't think he made it miserable for us. I think she did."

Blaskowsky said Moody made inappropriate comments to the team on occasion, saying things that were not loyal to the team, program, or school.

But Blaskowsky said she doesn't have all negative feelings for her former teammate.

"I love Nikki as a person. I think she's an awesome person... but, this is not right, and I won't support her through this," she said.

Blaskkowsky said as she heard the news, she gave Fennelly a big hug because that's what he would have done for her.

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