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Boeing Engineers Judge Work of ISU Aerospace Students

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Hovercraft demonstration at Iowa State University's Howe Hall (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

Hovercraft demonstration at Iowa State University’s Howe Hall (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

AMES, Iowa — Aerospace Engineering students at Iowa State University were involved in a competition of engineering schools. Teams made up of Iowa State and North Carolina A&T students competed alongside each other. The goal is to prepare students for real world jobs.

Judges from the Boeing Corporation came to Ames to judge, inspire and encourage students who were designing aircraft.

Part of the presentation included actually flying what they built. Though weather was a mixture of sun and pouring rain, that was no problem.

The students flew inside spacious Howe Hall’s atrium. One group was charged with making a hover-craft.

“They’re doing a really good job, the students,worked really hard on this stuff,” said Kevin Sequeria, who is an engineer from Boeing’s Long Beach facility. “It’s a hard subject because air ships are not as well-known as airplanes or helicopters, there’s not a lot to pull on, except from the 1930’.”

One hovercraft flew using 4 DeWalt electric engines made for power tools, and one giant fan on the rear to steer. The students also played videos of the hovercraft working out in the driveway.

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