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Iowa Lawmakers Continue Debate on State Health Care Funding

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Iowa lawmakers are hoping to wrap up their legislative session this week.

On Monday, they take on state healthcare funding.

The Senate just passed a bill Friday, which would prevent Medicaid from paying organizations that perform abortions.

The House version of the bill strips about $3 million per year from Planned Parenthood.

Democrats argue no state funding actually goes toward abortions but Republicans say this would free up that money for other clinics in the state.

“Ladies and gentleman please join me, I am begging you. I am not talking about the controversial issue of whether or not we should have a choice in abortion or not abortion,” said Sen. Amy Sinclair, R-Allerton. “I'm standing before you begging to offer more choices to the women I represent and their healthcare needs. I'm begging you to offer them that healthcare choice in their home.”

The amendment was struck down in a 25-25 vote.

However, the bill overall passed providing a .2 percent increase in healthcare funding over last year.

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