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Victim’s Family Feels Justice Has Been Served After Kozak’s Conviction

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NEVADA, Iowa -- Seven days of testimony and jurors needed just 90 minutes to convict Alexander Kozak of first-degree murder.

Police arrested Kazak last June for the shooting death of Andrea Farrington inside Coral Ridge Mall. Kozak admitted he did it, and the jury’s verdict agrees.

Farrington's family wiped away tears as the verdict was read Monday.

“He can't do this to anybody else and obviously, by the testimony that we have heard, he had other people in mind as well. So yes, I feel justice has been served. Nothing is going to bring us Andrea back, but at least it gives us that comfort that we will never have to deal with him again,” said Cheryl Farrington, the victim's mother.

Andrea Farrington's mother, family moments before guilty verdict is read.

Andrea Farrington's mother, family moments before jury finds Andrea's killer guilty.

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Her family said the 20-year-old has watched over them the last 10 months and in court the last two weeks.

While one side of the courtroom celebrated the verdict, Kozak's family sat in shock. Defense attorney Alfredo Parrish called it a difficult case, saying the system has a long way to go in understanding mental health issues.

“This jury, they did their job, and I think they were a good jury. We had plenty of time to pick the people we wanted, so all in all, they did their job. It's unfortunate that a young man like this and a young girl like this have to lose their lives under such a circumstance,” Alfredo Parrish said.

As a convicted murderer, Kozak faces an automatic sentence of life in prison. He will be back in court on June 6 to face the judge and Farrington's family for sentencing.

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