Iowa Lawmakers Focus on Finishing Up Session

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DES MOINES, Iowa — The pressure is on Friday for state lawmakers. The goal is to wrap up an already past-deadline session by the end of the day.

Lawmakers are now over a week past the expected end to the session, making for a tense week at the Statehouse.

Despite efforts to wrap up business Thursday night, some key divisions are still preventing them from adjourning.

The main battle is involving two funding bills.

The first is transportation. Lawmakers are still struggling to decide whether or not to grant the Iowa Department of Transportation the nearly $10 million in extra funding.

They requested the increase for salary bumps and insurance costs. Democrats say if that money isn’t passed, he DOT will have to stop offering certain services.

The second funding debate is over whether or not to include family planning organizations, like Planned Parenthood, in a $1.8 billion health and human services bill.

Some Republicans, who oppose abortion, want funding cut to the organizations that perform them.

Democrats point out that no state funding actually goes toward abortions.

Republican leaders say there is a compromise that would still give money to Planned Parenthood.

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