Public Breastfeeding Awareness Rally Comes to State Capitol

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DES MOINES, Iowa - A group of mothers gathered at the State Capitol Friday to show people that breastfeeding is "okay."

"A lot of moms get discrimination; you know, 'Go to the bathroom, do that at home, cover yourself up.' When babies have to eat too, and it's not like we're exposing our breasts everywhere, we're just feeding our babies," said Amber Schwickerath, an organizer of the Nationwide Nurse-In. "We just have to do it everywhere else. Just like people eat at restaurants, we breast-feed at restaurants. So, we're just trying to normalize it."

The second annual nurse-in seeks to raise awareness on state breastfeeding laws that allow mothers to feed their children in public. These women say they've all been told to get out of the public eye when feeding their children, and they think it's time for that to end.

"Somebody said, 'You should do that in the bathroom.' And I said, 'You should eat in the bathroom.' And my husband is super supportive, and he usually puts people in their place," Schwickerath said. "But no matter if somebody says something to you or not, you still get dirty looks. 'Why are you doing that here? You should do that at home.' But if you only nurse at home, when would you go anywhere? In the beginning, your baby eats every two hours - you'd be home forever!"

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