Quick Six: Target Controversy and Lessons for Drunken Drivers

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Dave Price gives us his own Quick Six on the May 1 segment of the Insiders, tackling things from politics to the lessons that come from drunken driving.

Dream Team

Ted Cruz teaming up with Carly Fiorina has been in the works for months. Remember when that Cruz’s super PAC backed Fiorina with half a million bucks last fall? It made no sense then, but it does now. I don’t see how it helps beat Donald Trump.

Tag Team

Ted Cruz and John Kasich are another tag team match, well, made from nowhere. It's way too late to try to team up to stop Trump and voters aren't buying it.

Left Out

Let's assume Trump and Hillary Clinton are the nominees for their parties. For the Christian conservatives who got involved for the first time, for all those no-party people who worked so hard for Bernie Sanders -- the two major parties have a major challenge to kick them all engaged in politics to improve this country.

Where’s Your Candidate

Democrats tried, "Where's Chuck Grassley?” Republicans came back with, “Where’s Patty Judge?” Both tried to show the candidates were MIA for a while.  It's now about a month left until the June primary. How about, for all the campaigns, when your candidate holds an event, tell us. Don't keep them secret.

Target Change

I think the Target restroom change for transgender people will be a story that keeps on for a while. It’s more than the fight over sexual orientation because this one adds one more level. You have some people worried about their safety in bathrooms, that’s a whole different dynamic than the traditional argument.


Finally, my prediction, my hope is that the wrong-way driver whose reckless driving caused the deaths of four people won't just be a conversation about whether those diamond interchanges are too confusing for drivers. I hope it also changes people's behavior the next time they think about driving when they've had too much to drink.

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