Are Voters Actually Tired with Politicians?

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A lot has been happening in Hamilton County these days.

Three county deputies who all work together are running against each other to replace the sheriff, a longtime county supervisor is facing a primary opponent, and the county is part of an unexpected congressional primary where seven-term Congressman Steve King has to beat Iowa Sen. Rick Bertrand just so he can run again in the fall.

With all this, something is obviously different this year in the political realm.

Becky Kepler is the chair of the State Central Committee in Hamilton County. She thinks things like Donald Trump's nomination and Steve King's primary prove this is an unusual year.

“I think it’s a frustration of government,” she said.

She said after promises by politicians to get things done, the voters have been let down.

“They didn’t do anything for us, and I think that is a big frustration. I think that’s why we’re seeing so many people in favor of Donald Trump. We’re tired of the politicians lying to us, trying to string us along. They tell us on the campaign trail then they get tow washing we’re going to fight hard when we get there and they get there and they don’t. So I think people are disillusioned."

She said she thinks King has the advantage over Bertrand.

“Bertrand doesn’t have name recognition. I would be surprised if King loses. I think it will wake people up and wake up Steve King that people are watching and people are tired of the old ‘Send me there and I’ll do something’ and nothing happens,” Kepler said.

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