Local Mompreneurs: How Do They Do It All?

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Most of the “mompreneurs” operate their business around the schedules of their young children. They have mastered how to run their own businesses while also being the primary chefs, chauffeurs, maids and schedule keepers for their kids.

Jennifer Eckerman is a mompreneur from Clive, and she somehow balances her family and multiple businesses in a more complicated way than most.

She’s a full-time graphic designer at Lutheran Church of Hope, which she said she loves doing. But the problem that comes with working for a church is that the income isn’t enough to support her family on its own, hence, the other business ventures.

“I make T-shirts on the side as a business. I recently launched a business with Rodan and Fields, a skincare company. So I have all these things and I have to puzzle them into place throughout my kids’ lives -- their sports games and practices, concerts, events and everything,” Eckerman said.

A recent Wall Street Journal article that says child care that can be as expensive or more expensive than sending your kid to college.

It’s a lot easier, in theory, to just get a full-time job, but balancing all the rest gets tricky. For Eckerman, it’s all about finding a time and place for everything.

“A lot of my work happens after my kids go to bed. That’s truly the time that I have, the quiet time. And I have to schedule it, and I have to plan to spend my time on either a freelance job or making someone a birthday T-shirt, or pushing my skincare line. Everything has to have its place, and everything has to fall into place,” Eckerman said.

Her husband has a full-time job, she has a promised paycheck from the church and she has Thread, her T-shirt company. How does she make it all work?

“I don’t know how it happens. Some days it doesn’t, some days it does. And when it does, woo-hoo!” she said.

There are numerous success stories from mompreneurs like Eckerman, but a lot of mothers struggle with prioritizing. Eckerman explains how she decides what to spend time on between her children and her work.

“A lot of what I do I can fit into the nooks and crannies. I have a 19-month-old who takes a nap, and so when it’s nap time, it’s game on for me,” she said. “I also have a lot of time during school pickup. I’m sitting at school for 40 minutes, so I might as well be doing something. I’m sewing in the car, sometimes I’ll bring my computer in the car and work on freelance design. I fit it in where I can.”

Some parents say they struggle with guilt, saying they sit in an office for 40 hours a week when they could be with their kids.

Eckerman has an extra layer working from home most time, but she explains how she works together with other moms to help each other out.

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