Albia Team Shooting Straight to National Competition

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ALBIA, Iowa -- A team of some 35 archers from Albia will be heading to Louisville, Kentucky, this weekend for a national archery tournament.

The Archery in the Schools National Tournament will see some 14,000 competitors shooting at 700 targets at once.

The Albia team has been preparing since last fall. The school conducts an archery lesson during physical education, which turns out to be a way to introduce and even recruit archers onto the team.

Albia has team members in elementary school, middle school, and high school.

“It’s a finesse sport, not a shish boom rah-rah sport,” said Coach Richard Montgomery. "Archery, you cannot have any nerves at all, and these kids will have a lot of pressure on them going into a national tournament with 14,600 archers in competition."

“You have to relax, otherwise, you’re not going to shoot good,” said sixth-grader Marrisa Terrell.

She was asked to join the team by Coach Montgomery after taking archery in PE class.

Montgomery said he likes to encourage all students.

“Kids you think will never be an archer can be our best shooters, so you never give up on a kid," said Montgomery.