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Wet Weather Hinders Planting

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It was still pretty wet across Iowa last week, only about four days were good for planting according to the Iowa Crop Progress Report.
Corn planted is at 80% across the state, up 23 % from last week, about the same as last year and well ahead of the five year average. Emerged corn is at about 28%.
Farmers got a good run on soybeans; about 29% has been planted, near the same as last year and twice as much as the average.

However, about a sixth of the state has too much topsoil and subsoil moisture.

There's been a lot of variety in the weather in the last two weeks. Depending on what part of Iowa you're in.
Two weeks ago it was really wet, then last week there was a good chuck of time to plant, then the rain came again. That's pretty normal, according to State Climatologist Harry Hillaker, this time of year rain tends to come in bunches, switching with dry weather every so often. The same goes for temperatures.
But this year, Hillaker says the weather's been really good for farmers, "So far this spring it's been relatively mild, temperatures wise. We've had above normal temperatures in February, actually quite above normal, March, April. Fair above normal, not as much as earlier months. And May I guess so far has been near normal for this time of the year but overall got the soils warmed up."
Hillaker says the next two weeks look to be on the normal to wetter than normal side, and temperatures also look to be on track with averages.
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