Spring is Prime Calving Season for Dallas County Beef Producer

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MADISON COUNTY, Iowa — Justin Rowe spends a lot of time driving from his Dallas County farm down to a hilly pasture area south of Winterset.

Rowe has cattle giving birth to calves almost every day. He uses the lush green pasture as food for the new mothers. He moves them to greener pastures every few days or so.

“I have no health problems with this pasture calving, I don’t doctor one for sickness, they’re born in this grass,” said Rowe. “It’s clean, we rotate them every five to seven days, depending on a clean fresh paddock and the new ones are born there so there’s no disease carry over.”

The cattle also have plenty of water, with rural water piped around the field so they don’t go thirsty.

“We’ve piped in miles of rural water to these cattle so they have clean water at all times,” said Rowe. “They’re not drinking out of the pond, we have the ponds fenced off so the cows can’t get in them.”

Rowe is in no rush to sell the calves. He takes them to his brother, who feeds them until they are ready for market.