Des Moines Teacher Wins $25K, Finishes 3rd in ‘Jeopardy!’ Teachers Tournament

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Jill Gilbert and Alex Trebek (Jeaopardy)

Des Moines Public Schools English teacher Jill Gilbert officially placed third in the finals of the “Jeopardy!” Teachers Tournament.

By finishing third, Gilbert won $25,000.

Gilbert, who spoke with Channel 13 last week about being on the show, added $19,000 to her winning total on Wednesday afternoon in the second round after she won $14,000 on May 4 in the first round.

Gilbert’s middle school students at Central Academy in Des Moines have plenty praise for her teaching style.

“She’s a really amazing teacher. She’s really easy going, but she knows everybody’s potential. She likes to push you beyond that to see what you can get in life or further in your education in 8th grade. So she really set us up for the 8th grade and I really appreciate that,” said student Kaleb Nichols.