Iowa GOP Working Toward Supporting Presumptive Nominee Trump

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Lincoln Dinner (WHO-HD)

Lincoln Dinner (WHO-HD)

DES MOINES, Iowa — Iowa Republicans are coming together to figure out whether they can unify and support presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Thursday night, state party leaders met for the Lincoln Dinner in Des Moines, the message was one of party unity.

“It takes some getting used to sometimes when you know your guy or your lady is not going to necessarily be the nominee. In the end, just like we came through in the caucuses, in the end this party is going to be united behind Donald Trump” said Iowa Republican Party Chairman Jeff Kaufmann.

While the party chairman urged voters to get behind Trump, others were not sold on voting him into the White House.

“I`m not completely sold. Having said that I`m still behind the republican party for this, and you know if they endorse him, when Trump gets the nomination it`ll be interesting to see where he takes his stances. I`m still up in the air on who I`m going to pick” said Cody Whirry.

While Whirry wondered if Trump will shift his policies towards the middle in the general election,  others wonder how he will act.

“Seeing how he professionally handles himself, not only on the debate stage, but more specifically in his own events I think is going to be huge for me personally. I think his enthusiasm is what makes him…him and I`d hate to see him lose that; but if he doesn’t learn to more eloquently state himself and present himself, I`m really hesitant. I`m not sure where I`d go,” said Jon Lueth.

Voters on the fence said Trump`s choice for vice president would be critical.

State Senator Brad Zaun, an avid Trump supporter who worked with the candidate in Iowa, says that Trump will announce a VP pick either on, or before the convention in July. Zaun also says that the shortlist is made up of both political insiders and outsiders.